Sunday, January 30, 2011

So... this is wierd. It was 65 today with a low of 45. I don't know if this means temps will let up ALREADY. If I'm right, temps usually let up in late February.

It's been mid 50s all week. So that means riding. I've been in a down mood, energy wise and a little emotionally. This has meant little riding. I've been going about every other day with some running, but that's almost my entire day, productivity-wise. Working out is my "only salvation," right now. I know that if I get out and ride, the sun will do me great. It just seems like I'm slowing down and it take me longer in the day to get out and ride. I am counting on this changing as it warms up.

If anyone knows the forecast trends or has some tips on adding more energy to my day, please post.

p.s. 35 miles today, met some friends spontaneously at Piggly Wiggly.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yogi by Bike

My latest pastime is riding the 12 miles to Market Commons as early as possible to do a yoga class: usually the 9:30 class to beat the traffic on Kings Business. Yoga is the productive part and then I usually splurge on a grande soy vanilla latte at one of the two Starbucks on the same block. The Yoga studio is "Yoga in Common." The instructors are all great (all women,) full of new advisement in each class. I am settling into their vinyasa, himilayan, and more types of yoga. One of my favorite things to do on prompting from one the yogis is to shape my intention for the practice. I have decided on topics such as reconciling my incredibly overstimulating jobs of the past (bike messenger and bill poster.) Both these jobs are exhilerating and fulfilling. Today I decided to have no intention other than focusing on the yoga itself. I'm not sure I'm interpreting "intention" how they mean it. I think it's great the way I do it. It makes it a life therapy which complements my regular therapy sessions. It transforms the thoughts (feelings with the body) from my life into emotions (thoughts and feelings felt within the body.)

I think that the two sports, yoga, and biking go well together. One compliments the other. One is in a controlled setting where everything is peaceful and the other exposes your body and safety to the elements and the mercy of passing drivers. You have to maintain that peace in yourself that you've built up. Ultimately, you have peaceful endurance. Ideally, I'd swim to yoga class. I could swim all along the coastline for 12 miles to Market Commons. I'd rather take the pedicab if Myrtle Beach gets its act together and advocates for the legal part of it.

After my incredibly successful ride with the Myrtle Beach cycling group, I haven't met up with anyone since. It's been bitterly cold (for Myrtle Beach) so I haven't run into any cyclists. I did 15 miles on Sunday in 19 degree weather. It's all about how you dress. Those balaclavas are key!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Myrtle Beach Bikers never in an "awkward position."

Got to say, here in Myrtle Beach, the riders are very polite. They bend over backwards to help me out on the group rides. About halfway through the ride a couple weeks ago, I started having trouble keeping up. For the rest of the ride back from Murrels Inlet, they helped me stay in the pack and waited when I just couldn't keep up the pace. (By the way, it is almost incomprehensibly easier to stay in pack and draft than to try and stay with the group off the back. With physics against you, it's pretty hard. It's also mentally demoralizing to be hanging off the back just not able to catch up.) Steve also gave me an inner tube when Sean and I found that the flat tire patch wouldn't stick in the rain.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Human Commons - The street

Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean i'm not riding. I've done about 200 miles since the last post. One was a group ride last sunday.
I just can't train indoors. I'm not ruling it out, but it's really hard. Kudos to those who do. I also don't have the space in this condo.

There's just something about riding in streets or on trails. It's knowing that you're sharing a public thoroughfare. Anyone can ride or be where you are being or have been. To those who don't know, I love public spaces. Community garden's, Farmers' Markets, beaches, swimming pools, heck... post offices. Libraries, public squares, the Red Square, the steps at Odessa, etc.... Check out publicspaceproject at,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Go Badgers.

Rules of the Barn

The barn rules! Yes it does. The barn rules just because! Do you need anything more than that? If you do, you might lack.

Update for the people

I have done some riding since last post. I have gone further back into Barefoot Landing to the undeveloped area on Watertower Road. The road is great and it's not very traveled. It goes over busy 22. I still haven't gone to the dead end. Also, I need to go the other way on Watertower and see how much I can add to my route. So far it's 13 miles from Grande Dunes.
Today I went to the barn and back. What's the barn? you ask? The barn is where the horses and dogs are. It's a public barn. There are lots of fun people at the barn. We have to tack up our horses. What's, "tack?" Look it up: Horse Tack.
Barns are a high point in many people's lives. Just take horses and dogs, and add hay and you have a barn. I recommend barns highly.