Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well on my way... to Manistee

It's been five days now. I have spent the night at Indiana Dunes, Warren Dunes, a Saugatuck hotel, a Holland campground and am on my way to Muskegan tonight. I am looking to head to a park to sleep. I am at a library in Grand Haven.

My twitter is "fastvenison."

I will try and map my "root" but this library computer won't let me use google maps or map my

Heard of a couple wind turbines and algae projects. Viability Energy didn't call me back in Saugatuck.

I've been eating local produce and even picking. I've been to a farmer's market where I learned of a 400 acre farm in Fennvile. It's organic. They've also got their own energy system.

Again, "fastvenison."